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Mar 3, 2013 4:45am EST
checking, or providing for -- >> but you were doing that before. procedures might have changed, but you are doing that before, flight checking, and you weren't look, -- >> we are flight checking more of them. >> ok. you are flight checking more of them, and i do not mean to belabor this, but you are not going back that far. the sky is not falling. we will not have more meteors hit because of sequestration. i do not understand why the administration continues to take this approach that the world is falling apart because of this and i do not see that much changing, to be honest with you. maybe i am completely wrong, but the faa, and i know very well your procedures and what it takes, and i just do not understand what the attitude is. you know, it baffles me. mr. chairman, thank you. >> thank you, mr. graves. mr. lipinski? >> i congratulate both of you on your rise into leadership on the subcommittee. i look forward to working with you. i want to also thank you for holding this hearing on implementation of faa reauthorization and reform act, and i'm going to surprise everyone by actually a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1